Thousands Flock to the 2023 Saltburn Food Festival

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After a four-year hiatus, the Saltburn Food Festival returned on the 30th of July drawing in thousands of people from far and wide to see 97 food stalls plus live talks from celebrity chef, Kim Moody.

The event started early with thousands of people (and dogs) sampling the different types of food and drinks, such as Indian, Cheese, Chutney, Brownies amongst many more delicious treats that certainly went down a treat.

The local press spoke to stallholders who commented that the event was a tremendous success for them as a business and would be eager for the event to run again next year.

Lynn Clayton of Blueberry Hill Preserves said:

“We always come here every year and it is a pleasure, it’s a really nice event”, she said. “I am down to my last few bits now!”

 Lynn Clayton of Blueberry Hill Preserves

Meanwhile Karen Lewis of For Sock Sake’ commented:

“It has been a fantastic day here in Saltburn. The weather gods are clearly here too! It’s been steady all day.”

“From the off, we have been busy!”

Karen Lewis of For Sock Sake’

What Did The General Public Say?

Here at we took to Twitter to see what the general public had to say about the event, and it’s clear to see that even was a tremendous success.

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