Saltburn Sands to Redcar Beach Walk

If you are looking for a nice stroll on the beach at Saltburn, you can actually walk directly from Saltburn to Redcar Beach.

The route taking you from Saltburn to Redcar Beach is approximately 4 miles in one direction (or 8 miles there and back).

It is highly advised that you check the tide times at Saltburn so you don’t get caught in the sea coming in.

saltburn beach 3

If you are heading towards to Saltburn and you look towards the Victorian town, you will be able to popular landmarks such as the pier, the cliff lifts, teddy’s nook and so much more.

All that you need to do on this walk is to follow the beach along.

We will be adding an illustrative map of this walk for you to view shortly.

If you have any photos of this route, then get in touch with and we’ll gladly publish them with your name attributed.

Alternatively, if you have any further suggestions of walks to do in Saltburn then let us know and we’ll share!

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