Saltburn Food and Drink

If you are looking for inspiration of where you can eat and drink in Saltburn, then we have put together a comprehensive list of places to go.

Our list has been divided up between; bakeries, butchers, cafe’s, fish & chips, restaurants, pubs and takeaways.

Saltburn has a wide variety of places for you to quickly grab a coffee, bite to eat or a lovely sit-down meal.

If you are traveling to Saltburn for the first-time then it is highly recommended that you try a local delicacy in form of the lemon top. The lemon and vanilla-flavoured ice cream is certainly one to enjoy on a hot summer’s day either on the Pier or the Beach.

Our local delicacy doesn’t just stop with a lemon top, have you tried the Chicken Parmesan (aka the parmo)?

Saltburn Bakeries

Saltburn Butcher’s

Saltburn Cafe’s

Saltburn Fish & Chip Restaurants

Saltburn Ice Creams

Saltburn Restaurants

Saltburn Pubs

Saltburn Take Away’s

If you are either a food or drink establishment and would like to be listed in this section then send an email to or fill out the contact form below and one of our local volunteers will be in touch further.