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Saltburn to Skinningrove Circular

Another walk that we have tried and tested, with thanks yet again to All Trails is the walk from Saltburn to Skinningrove and back.

It is a lengthy 14km+ walk and as an estimate would take 3 hours 42 minutes to complete.

As it is an ambitious walk, I would recommend wearing sensible attire, such as walking boots – especially in wet conditions as it can get muddy.

saltburn sign

If you are to start the walk from Saltburn, it takes you along Saltburn Cliffs until you reach Skinningrove.

From Skinningrove you walk down Mill Lane, until you reach the Cleveland Mining Museum. As the beck crosses from one side of the road to the other, there is a public footpath that you will take you to Carlin How.

When you reach Carlin How, you will follow the road called Front Street, then you will reach another public footpath which you will after some time take a right hand turn and head into Brotton.

Once you are in Brotton, you will walk past the hospital and take a left turn onto the high street.

You will then follow the same route as of the Brotton, Saltburn and Warsett Hill Circular Walk. In which from the high street, you will follow Skelton road and join the public foot path that will lead you past the engineering college.

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