Saltburn Cliff Walk

In comparison to other walks we have recommended, the Saltburn Cliff Walk is a much shorter walk – roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes and 5.8km in length.

This particular easier walk that we recommend, is again courtesy of All Trails.

You will start this walk in Marske on St Germain’s Lane, in which you will join the public footpath that has access along the cliff walk.


This scenic cliff walk, has tremendous views looking into Saltburn – including that of the beach, the pier, and of course the incredible cliff lift.

As you are about to enter Saltburn on the public footpath, you will infact continue on the public footpath which continues to loop back round to Marske.

Once you enter Howard Drive, Marske you will turn right. Then, at the end of the road you will turn left onto Windy Hill Lane.

On the right hand side, there will be another public footpath that you will join that will take you back to the path that you joined at the start of the walk.

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