Smuggling History

The coastal town of Saltburn by the Sea holds much in the way of history, but did you know it was also a smuggling hotspot during the 1700s and 1800s?

It is said that one such smuggler, John Andrew, dubbed ‘the king of smugglers’, did such illicit trades within the town of Saltburn and also went on to become the landlord of The Ship Inn, using the pub for much of his smuggling deeds.

The White House, a large Grade II listed property located on Saltburn Lane was also said to be owned by Mr Andrew.

In an ironic twist, it has also been said that he worked for the local police force at the time, making him a respected member of the town whilst also being a smuggling mastermind!

Another legendary tale of John Andrew was that he apparently kept a vicious mare in a secret cellar underneath his stables who would kick and attack any strangers who dared to enter his premises.

The Ship Inn pub in saltburn