Brotton, Saltburn and Warsett Hill Circular

Thanks to for the recommended walk from Botton to Saltburn then onto Warsett Hill.

Taking an estimated 2 hours 45 minutes this is one of a few longer and tougher walks that recommend.

The mixed terrain shows Saltburn and also Brotton in a beautiful light in which at the top of Saltburn Cliffs, you can look down and see the beach, pier, cliff lifts and tramway – then even further into the distance (on a good day) to Redcar.

This 10km walk takes you from Saltburn, across the cliff edge, then down past Hunley Golf Club leading into the quient village of Brotton.

valley gardens

From Brotton High Street, then onto Skelton Road, you take a right turn heading down the back of the engineering college and Kilton Primary School until you eventually reach Saltburn Bank.

If you have any photos of this walk, then please get in touch with us at and we will upload & credit accordingly.

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