Teddy’s Nook

With one of the finest views in Saltburn, Teddy’s Nook overlooks the beach, the cliff lift, and the pier – whilst also it having wonderful access to the rest of town.

It has recently been renovated into luxury accommodation, however, it is full of character and history – which we shall read more about in the next section.

The History of Teddy’s Nook

According to the current owners of Teddy’s Nook the cottage was built in 1862 in which it was believed to be originally a gatehouse or stable boys accommodation.

It was largely believed that the cottage was built at that time for Henry Pease MP. Whilst two excentric ladies had a pet Lion, and would walk it on the beach to give it exercise.

It’s suggested that the name of the cottage was called “Teddy’s Nook” because in the 1920’s it is believed that the Price of Wales and actress Lillie Langtry often stayed at the property.

Moving onto the period of World War 2, it is rumoured that German spies lived there sending signals to ships.

In more recent times, it was occupied by the cousins of Jimmy Saville (Kelly family) – who he regularly visited.

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Where To Find Teddy’s Nook

Teddy’s Nook Photographs

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