Saltburn Town Map

Below you will find a town map of Saltburn by The Sea to help you navigate the area.

Marine Parade – Is the main road running along the top of the cliff. This is where you will find on-street parking and the exit for the funicular. There are also steps at various points that lead down to the beach.

Milton Street – Is centered in the middle of town and runs alongside the train station. You will find various shops, cafes and bars here with the east end of the street taking you towards Saltburn bank, which leads down to the beach.

Dundas Street East/West – Is where you will find the entrance to the train station as well as further cafes, bars and shops. The middle of which takes you down the high street (Station Street), whilst the East end heads to Saltburn bank, leading down to the beach front.

Windsor Road – Is connected to the high street and is where you will find the Library and the community and arts association. Heading east leads you to the woods and Saltburn Valley gardens.

saltburn town centre map
saltburn town map