Saltburn Hill Climb

The Saltburn Hill Climb has a rich history, dating back to 1903 when the first race was held. It was originally known as the ‘Saltburn Speed Trials’ and was held on a straight, flat course along the promenade. However, in 1922, the course was changed to its current location, a steep hill climb on Saltburn Bank.

The Saltburn Hill Climb has since become one of the most popular hill climb events in the country, attracting competitors from all over the UK. It is a challenging course, with a gradient of up to 25%, and requires skill, precision, and bravery to complete.

The event is held annually, usually in the month of September, and has become a popular attraction for both motorsport enthusiasts and the general public. Visitors can watch the drivers tackle the hill climb from various vantage points along the course, with the finish line located at the top of the bank.

In addition to the excitement of the racing, the Saltburn Hill Climb also offers a range of other activities and entertainment for visitors. There are usually trade stands selling car parts, accessories and memorabilia, as well as food and drink vendors. There are also often displays of classic and vintage cars, offering visitors the opportunity to admire these beautiful vehicles up close.

Overall, the Saltburn Hill Climb is a thrilling event that celebrates the rich history of motorsport and attracts visitors from far and wide.

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