Smugglers Heritage Centre

The Saltburn Smugglers Heritage Centre can be found in the fisherman’s cottage which helps to portray the life of John Andrew – who was the King of Smuggling around 200 years ago.

Today, the Heritage Centre is closed due to a severe storm that caused serious damage to the cottages. Redcar and Cleveland Council has stated that it doesn’t have any plans to re-open.

However, when the Smugglers Heritage Centre was open you could get a sense of the experience of that period of time, with many smells and sounds of the history of Saltburn – in particular it’s dark past of John Andrew.

You will find the Smugglers Heritage Centre next to the Ship Inn, in which when you enter the very first room you will encounter darkness and sounds of the sea – whilst a dim firelight then shines.

This will help portray the 18th Century Inn and you will then flow between the rooms.

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