Lemon Top Ice Cream

When you are in Saltburn and walking along the beach, pier or perhaps walking back into the town centre – then you must try the local delicacy – the lemon top ice cream.

What is a lemon top?

The lemon top is a delicious ice cream, made up of vanilla ice cream topped with lemon sorbet, that is usually placed on top of a wafer cone – making it a lemon top.

Where did Lemon Tops Originate from?

Although the original Lemon Top wasn’t founded in Saltburn, it was actually founded a short walk away in the town of Redcar.

It is estimated that the first lemon top ice cream was produced in around 1924 in the ice cream shop Pacittos in Redcar.

The line of lemon top ice creams has actually expanded out to strawberry tops – however, they aren’t as popular or as well known as a lemon top.

Who Sells Lemon Tops Ice Creams In Saltburn

If you are looking to find who sells lemon tops then the following places sell them:

Lemon Top Ice Cream