Guisborough to Saltburn

Another walk that All Trails has recommended is a moderate 10.9km from Guisborough to Saltburn that will take the average individual around 3 hours to complete.

The walk begins in the Valley Gardens, past through the miniature railway, the Italian Gardens and Rushpool Hall.

After going through the Valley Woods, you will come out by the A174 and walk through the housing estate in Skelton, coming out by the Co-op.

At the side of co-op you will walk down the public footpath and join Swilly Lane – this will then lead you onto another public footpath.

valley gardens 3

Continue along the public footpath, until you reach Boosbeck Road – which you will follow until you get to Boosbeck.

When you arrive in Boosbeck you will go down the public footpath opposite Serenity Hallow.

Following the public footpath, until you reach the A171 – you will then cross the road continuing on the public footpath.

Continue following this until you reach Guisborough.

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