Saltburn Miniature Railway

You can find the historic miniature railway at the start of the Valley Woods, which helps connect to the Woodland centre, children’s play area, and Italian gardens.

The train journey lasts for approximately 15 minutes and only runs in the peak times of the year from March to September.

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Ticket Prices

If you are looking to take a ride on the miniature railway the ticket prices for 2023 are as follows:

Ticket TypePrice
Adult Single£1.50
Child Single50p
Adult Return£2
Child Return£1
Family Ticket£10
Saltburn Miniature Railway Prices in 2023

The History of Saltburn Miniature Railway

It was originally built in 1947, by a gentleman called Mr H. Dunn – who created the 300 yard railway line that helped the Old Brine Baths Pump House connect with the flood plain at Skelton Back.

However, 1 year later in 1948 it was further expanded to reach the seafront by Mr Dunn. It also included a reversing loop – which then gave access to the tennis courts and penny bridge.

Mr Dunn then made further improvements in the form of purchasing the 1909 “blacolvesley”, a 4-4-4T. The train was also given the name “Elizabeth”.

Throughout some tough years, the railway fell into a state of dereliction and it was bought out from a Mr Pickering in 1983.

The Saltburn Miniature Railway Association was started and took ownership from Mr Pickering and since then has gone from strength to strength.

Where To Find Saltburn Miniature Railway

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