Hunt Cliff Nature Reserve

Hunt Cliff is one of the highest cliffs on the East coast of England, and it’s home to the Hunt Cliff Nature Reserve – where it is known locally as the place to watch seabirds and in the Summer months it’s wildflowers.

The reserve is open to the public year-round, and entry is free. However, as it is a protected area, visitors are asked to respect the environment and to take care not to disturb the wildlife or their habitats.

It is a 29-acre site managed by the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust and is home to a variety of wildlife habitats, including grassland, scrub, woodland, and cliff faces.

The seabirds that you will see in the area are kittiwakes, fulmar, and cormorants.

valley gardens

Whilst in the Summer months, you will see beautiful wildflowers growing, such as scarce dyer’s greenweed, three species of orchid, spiny restharrow, sea plantain and wild carrot.

Moving on to the Autumn months you will see the Max and sooty shearwaters, gannets, terms and guls.

The Hunt Cliff Nature Reserve is a beautiful place to go for a walk, in which we have put together a recommended walk – let us know what you think.

It also has a wonderful vantage point to look down into Saltburn, specifically, it’s beach, pier and lift – whilst also into the distance at Redcar.

Where To Find Hunt Cliff Nature Reserve

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