Saltburn Viaduct

The Saltburn Viaduct started being built in 1865 by the North Eastern Railway Company and was completed in 1872 – in which the purpose of the railway viaduct was to help with transportation to and from Skinningrove Limestone Mine.

The Grade II listed viaduct was closed to passengers in 1958 – however, it is still in operation today, as it helps to operate goods to and from the Boulby Potash mine.

It was officially grade II listed on 26 May 1999, in which the viaduct has 10 red brick piers and 11 arches that stretch over Skelton Beck and Mill Fields.

It is quite a wonderful bit of engineering and architecture.

How Tall is Saltburn Viaduct?

Saltburn Viaduct stands at 180 feet tall, the same height as the Middlesbrough transport bridge.

Where To Find Saltburn Viaduct

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