East Cleveland Classic

The 2024 East Cleveland Classic will take place on Sunday 23th of June 2024, in which the cycling event will total a distance of 18.8km starting and ending in Saltburn in which the male participants will do 10 laps totaling 189km whilst the female participants will do 7 laps totaling 132km.

As can be seen from the image the road race will begin in Saltburn and head out of town towards Upleatham, Skelton, Guisborough, onto Brotton and the finally back to the finish line in Saltburn.

This is the second year in a row that the event has taken place in Saltburn, and will attract thousands of people from around the UK.

It is advised that you arrive early to park your vehicle or via public transport.

The 2024 East Cleveland Classic is free to watch starting at 9am for the Women’s race, which it is then followed by the men’s race at 1.30pm.

Road Race Saltburn 2024 768x768 1