Saltburn Bandstand

In years gone by, Saltburn actually had three bandstands.

They were located in the Pier Head (which was lost due to bad weather), Valley Gardens (which was destroyed the second world war), and finally one in Hazel Grove which was left in a state of disrepair.

In 1995 the Saltburn 500 club raise considerable funds, along with a £63,500 Arts Council of England to bring the Saltburn bandstand back.

The bandstand has hosted countless musical performances over the years, from brass bands and orchestras to contemporary rock and pop acts. It continues to be a popular venue for outdoor concerts and events, with regular performances throughout the summer months, such as the folk festival (as pictured)

saltburn bandstand during the folk festival

Saltburn Bandstand History

The new Saltburn Bandstand was designed by Peter Fenton, who is a local architect – in which it has security features made by local ironsmith, James Godbold.

Thanks to Saltburn 500 club, in the months of May to September free concerts are held to raise further funds for the upkeep of the bandstand.

If you are looking to hold a concert at the bandstand a license is required for health and safety purposes.

Where To Find Saltburn Bandstand

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