Saltburn Weather

The next seven days estimated weather forecast for Saltburn-by-the-Sea can be seen in the embed below.

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What To Expect From The Weather in Saltburn

Typically Summers in Saltburn can be warm with an average of 20 degrees, while Winters tend to be mild with an average of 6 degrees Celsius.

Although Winter is usuall cold, snowfall is rare in Saltburn and rarely lasts more than a few days.

Rainfall is consistent throughout the year, with an average of 560 mm of precipitation each year, but it is rarely torrential or particularly disruptive.

Saltburn has an average of 1,735 hours of sunshine per year and enjoys around 166 sunny days.

This makes for a pleasant experience for visitors who come to enjoy the beautiful beach and gorgeous views of the North Yorkshire Coast.

Overall, the weather in Saltburn-by-the-Sea is relatively mild and pleasant all year round, but with enough rainfall to keep the area green and lush.