Work Commences on Marine Parade Car Park

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Building work has now officially commenced on the extra 100 car parking bays and also widening the road on Marine Parade.

Each car parking bay will be repositioned to allow for the vehicles to be angled facing the sea giving moving vehicles more space and safety.

Although work was initially delayed, it now has commenced from Wednesday and will completed in a phased approach, including that of improving Milton Street junction.

Following on from the commencement of the work, on Friday evening locals came in force and protested about the additional car parking spaces.

Action group Saltburn Against Promenade Changes said it felt misled.

Rowan McLaughlin from the group said:

“We feel that we weren’t informed honestly that the parking solution – that we desperately need – was going to involve taking such a large chunk out of the promenade.”

It was not discussed at community meetings and the council “just kind of sold it as a good thing and didn’t mention the downside”, they added.

From the protest on Friday, Saltburn Counceller, Philip Thomson said:

“I can understand that people may have concerns about change and the capacity of the promenade may be reduced. But the amount of promenade to be removed and any reduction of the pavement – one has to take on balance the extra benefit of all the car parking spaces that are going to be provided.

“There is going to be no change in the width of the promenade that exists up to the lookout and picnic area opposite the Marine Hotel. The amount of reduction in the pavement after that will still allow reasonable promenading for those who want to walk the full length of the promenade.

“I have spent the greater part of my life looking to enhance the heritage of Saltburn and conserve where reasonable, but quite often in life one has to make a choice of balance between practicality and what residents have been calling for, against the traditions of conservation.”

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