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Marine Parade Extra Car Parking Spaces Halted

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Saltburn News | 0 comments

Over the last 6 weeks, 1,800 local residents had sent a letter complaining about the extra car parking spaces that had been halted – due to fears of health and safety after it had originally been approved by Councillor Carl Quarterman.

Although there has been a significant number of people complaining about the spaces, there is also some support.

Councillor Carl Quarterman said;

He had been happy prior to give his approval, but now had “decided to hit pause over the changes to Marine Parade because this was where most of the targeted comments were about and the views were mixed”.

“I’m hitting the brakes until we’re crystal clear. I want a clearer view from the residents and business owners of Saltburn, as to whether they are behind this plan.

A council spokeswoman said;

The Marine Parade proposals were estimated to cost £450,000, which included resurfacing works and provision for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. She said the council was in “positive” ongoing discussions with TVCA about extending the deadline by which point its funding needed to be spent.

Councilor Alec Brown, the leader of the local authority, saidl

Labour had inherited the scheme and he welcomed Cllr Quartermain’s decision to “listen to the residents”.

Saltburn councillor Stuart Smith said;

A meeting was being held with officers and council cabinet members on Wednesday afternoon, amid frustration over the current impasse. He said: “There appears to be an open dialogue with some of the objectors to the proposal, when you think it would be courteous to inform ward councillors as to what is going on before anyone else.”

He stressed that it was not just about parking, it was also creating a safer environment on Marine Parade, which at times was “congested and dangerous” and councillors were in the frontline receiving complaints over issues that arose.

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