Saltburn Cheese Festival

The first Saltburn Cheese Festival was announced by Lorna Jackson and Alison Nelson – who are also organisers of the Saltburn Food Festival.

The week-long festival will see a number of tastings in many of the places to eat in Saltburn, ending on Sunday 26th March with a Cheese Market.

The market, which takes place on the Sunday for the 2023 Cheese Festival, offers a wonderful collection of cheese makers and associated professionals selling their produce.

Cheese Festival Stall Holders

  • Bee Natural Wraps
  • Calder’s Kitchen Limited
  • Chapmans Cheesecakes
  • D & E Newham
  • Fresh Olives
  • Laceys Cheese
  • Rosalind’s Larder
  • Stateside Treat Emporium
  • Tap Garden
  • The Sawley Kitchen
  • Wass Farm Charcuterie
  • Weardale Cheese
  • Yorkshire Dama Cheese Ltd.
  • The Cheese Board

Workshops and Talks

For those that attend the Cheese Festival will have the chance to learn how to make cheese from scratch, attend talks about the history and science of cheese-making, and even learn how to pair cheese with wine and beer.

The workshops and talks are led by experts in the field, allowing visitors to gain a deeper appreciation of the craft of cheese-making. The festival is an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn something new and to connect with like-minded cheese lovers.

This year, Sean Wilson – who is famous for his role in Coronation Street and who is a cheesemaker (Saddleworth Cheese Company) will be providing talks throughout the day.

Live Music and Entertainment

The Saltburn Cheese Festival is not just about cheese. You can also enjoy live music and entertainment throughout the day. From local bands to street performers, there is something for everyone.

Cheese Festival Event Dates

The Cheese Festival will take place from Monday 20th March and will close with a Cheese Market on Sunday 26th March.

Cheese Festival Admission Price

The 2023 Saltburn Cheese Festival is a free event.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in running a stall then drop an email to Lorna at

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